With effect from 01.03.2023:

Particulars of Accounts

Minimum Monthly Average Balance ( other than NO Frills,SHG& any other accounts specifically permitted by bank)

Service Charges to be recovered for each month, in case the average balance falls below the minimum balance

Savings Bank(Without Cheque book facility)

Rs. 500 /-

Rs. 20/- per month

Savings Bank (With Cheque book facility)

Rs. 1000/-

Rs. 30/- per month

Current Account

Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 300/- per month



Revised Service Charge

Accounts Closure charge (Within 1 Year)

 Savings Bank

Rs. 500/-

Current Account

Rs. 500/-

Issue of Banker’s Cheque

Upto Rs. 5000/-

Rs. 25/-

>Rs. 5000/- upto Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 50/-

>Rs.10000/- upto Rs. 100000/-

Rs. 5/- per thousand(minimum Rs. 60/-)


Rs. 4/- per thousand (mnimum Rs. 600/- and maximum Rs. 2000)

Issue of Passbook

First and continuation:  Free

Duplicate( For all segement):  Rs. 120/- with latest balance and Rs. 100/- additional for 40 entries or part thereof.

Issue of Duplicate STDR/TDR/B’Cheque (All segments)

Rs. 150/- per instrument

Revalidation/Cancellation of Banker’s Cheque

Rs. 200/- per instrument

Cheque sent for collection(Outstation)

Upto Rs. 10000/-

Rs. 50/- Plus Other Bank charges

>Rs. 10000/- upto Rs.100000/-

Rs. 100/- Plus Other Bank charges


Rs. 200/- Plus Other Bank charges

Cheque returned charges unpaid( Other than Technical reason)

A)    UPTO RS. 1,00,000/-

B)    Above Rs. 1,00,000/-



A)   RS. 150/- plus other bank’s charge

B)  RS. 250/- plus other bank’s charge 

Cash deposit transaction

For SB: 3 transactions in a month is free, for each additional transactions @ Rs. 50/-

For CA:Free upto Rs. 25,000 per day thereafter Rs. 0.75 per Rs. 1000/- (Min Rs. 50, Max Rs. 2000)

Safe deposit Locker Charge

a)      For annual rent

b)      Security Deposit for Locker for lease period

c)       Locker visit Charge

d)      Locker rent Overdue

e)      Locker registration charge

f)       Breaking Open of Locker (Loss of Key or non payment of Locker rent


a)   Rs. 1500/- ,Rs. 3000/- and Rs. 6000/- for Small, medium and large size respectively.

b)   Rs. 25000/- (AS STDR to be returned after surrender)

c)   12 visits per year is free thereafter Rs. 100/- per visit.

d)   1st Q 10%, 2ndQ  20%, 3rs Q 30%, 4rth Q 40% ( of the annual rent to be recovered in addition to Locker rent)

e)   Rs. 500/- (for small/medium), Rs. 1000/- (for large)

f)    Rs. 1000/- plus actual expenditure incurred for breaking open the lock by manufacturer of Locker

Ledger folio Charge

For SB : NIL

For CA& OD (limit exceeding Rs. 25,000/-) : Rs. 550/- per Annum

Statement of accounts

Original free,

There after Rs. 120/- with latest balance and Rs. 100 additional for 40 entries or part thereof.

Issue of Cheque  Book

SB/CA accounts Rs. 3/- per Cheque leaf(20 leaves free in a financial year )

STOP payment instructions

Rs. 100/-per instruments (Max Rs. 500 for series of instruments per instance)

Interest Certificate (All Segments)

 Original: Free

Duplicate: Rs. 150/-

Balance Certificate(All Segments)

 Rs. 150/-

ATM CARD/ Debit Card Annual maintenance charge( Recovered at the beginning of the 2nd year onwards)

Rs. 200/-  per annum

Duplicate PIN/ Pin change

Rs. 50/-

Duplicate ATM card/Replacement

Rs. 300/-

SMS Charges

Rs. 20/- Per quarter

NACH one time mandate authorisation charges

Rs. 50/- per instance

NACH mandate failed

Rs. 250 per instance

Handling charges for inoperative SB accounts

Rs. 170 per annum

Non home cash transactions

Upto Rs. 25,000/- : Rs. 25/-

Above Rs. 25,000/- : Rs. 2/- per thousand or part thereof.

Standing instructions

Rs. 100/- per standing instructions(Only for remittance purpose )

Nomination Charge

All Option free


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